Behold the official rules and Procedures of the Bee

Competition Format

  • Teams will participate in rounds or “Swarms”.
  • Teams will spell in the order they registered for the Bee. Placement in the Bee will be determined by the order in which a team goes “out”; i.e., first one to misspell a word gets last place, etc.
  • The pronouncer pronounces word, gives word definition, and pronounces word again. Teams may ask for alternate pronunciation and/or for the word to be used in a sentence. Team Captain repeats the word for clarity.
  • Team members may collaborate on the spelling of a word.
  • Teams may not use phones, computers, additional electronics or any sort of reference materials during the Spelling Bee.
  • These procedures and official rules will govern at the spelling bee. Any disputes will be resolved by the judges. There will be no appeals. In case of a dispute over the correct spelling of a word, illegible handwriting, or any other question, the decision of the judges is final.